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Family and Its Role in Child Character Education

Child's character development is influenced by the family's treatment of it. The character of a child is formed early on, in this case the role of the family is certainly very influential. The family is the smallest social group in society, and is also the first educational environment, because it is in this family that the child first gets education and guidance.
Family and Its Role in Child Character Education

Education in the family is very important and is a basic foundation of building a child's character. The family is not just a place of association between father, mother, child, grandfather, grandmother, but a family is actually more than that. The family is the most comfortable place for children. Starting from a family, everything develops. The ability to socialize, think, or deviate behavior, the family is the umbrella of life for a child.

In a good family each family member has their respective duties, both small and large. Furthermore, what is important is to teach good habits, if a child is raised with love and nobility, he will grow to be a brilliant person who has noble character. However, if a child is raised in a murderous family, then he will become a murderer if a child is raised in a rude way then he will become a rebel.

Regarding the relationship of education in the family is based on the natural relationship between parents and children. Education in the family is carried out on the basis of parental love to not get tired of jemunya provide guidance and help needed by children. It is this love that makes parents willingly sacrifice everything for the sake of their children, but with a note do not overdo it, because it can cause children to be awkward, hesitant to act, not brave in all things, and can bring children to have a dependent attitude .

At this time the influence of the family on the development of children's character begins to weaken, due to a social, political, and cultural change. This situation has a big contribution to the release of children from parental authority. The family has lost its function in education. Unlike the family function in the past which is very important to the development of a child. The description is enough to explain what is the meaning of a real family. From this we can know that the family is not just a place for a gathering place for a father, mother, child but more than that. The family is a place, the initial container for the formation of character, character, moral children. The success or failure of a child in living his life depends on the role of the family in instilling the moral teachings of life in the child. Family is a relationship of love that will not be broken. Ika Maulidiyah Rahmah