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Basis for Selecting Learning Media

Much research is conducted on the most appropriate learning media. One of them is Winkel who believes that the selection of media in learning must see its compatibility with the following:
Basis for Selecting Learning Media

• Specific instructional objectives
• Material taught
• Considering the cost factor (cost factor)
• Equipment availability
• Time and class needed
• The ability of teachers to use media (technical know-how)

Learning media are more identical to the teacher, because media is a major component in learning. In addition, the objectives and learning methods must have been designed by a teacher using appropriate media. The process of selecting media in learning is more important because it will affect the success of learning.

According to Gerlach and Elly the First objective, is Instructional as a result of the formulation of behavior that students must possess after completing learning. Second, in clarifying the learning material to be able to help achieve predetermined goals.

The purpose, content and entery behavior level are the basis for establishing other learning components. Namely determining the strategy in accordance with the characteristics of the objectives or material to organize and classify students. Determination of the media used will determine students how well they are able to master the material or lessons according to their objectives. What media is suitable, whether print or electronic media. All learning activities will end with an assessment that is adjusted to the goals set, from this assessment the teacher can determine feedback for evaluating the lesson plan.

Thus theoretically the Gerlach and Elly learning system model places media components and the model is the basis for why we need to make a media base selection to fit the objectives, content, strategies and actions available.

The types of media that can be chosen in learning are: visual media that is not projected, visual media that is projected, audio and multimedia media. The aim of the media in general is: to clarify the message conveyed so that it is clear and to overcome the limitations of space, time, and energy.