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Principles and Procedures for Selecting Learning Media

In choosing the learning media must also pay attention to the principles. The learning process also involves emotional students so the teacher must also understand the characteristics of students. media in accordance with the characteristics of students of course the teaching and learning process will be maximal
Principles and Procedures for Selecting Learning Media

Following are the principles that must be considered by a teacher in choosing the learning media to be pursued.
• The Effectiveness and Efficiency Principle
Effectiveness is a success in achieving learning objectives. media that have met the criteria of effectiveness and efficiency will increase student learning motivation and increase understanding of the material presented.

• Principles of Student Thinking Level
The selection of instructional media must also refer to the level of student thinking. something concrete is used more than something abstract.

• The principle of interactivity in instructional media
In this principle the teacher must also pay attention to how many students are interacting. The more interactive the better the learning media.

• Availability of Learning Media
The teacher must also look at the availability of the media. So that what is planned in accordance with the objectives to be achieved

• Teacher's Ability to Use Learning Media
Learning media is a component in the learning process. Learning media must also be adapted to the needs of the teacher.

•Time Allocation
The selection of learning media must also be adjusted to the time allocation that has been determined. The more effective the media used the better the learning process.

• Safety in Using Learning Media
The teacher must be careful in choosing learning media. if the teacher is not careful in choosing learning media also has fatal consequences for students and the surrounding environment.

Learning Media Selection Procedure
There are six general steps in the procedure for selecting learning media:
  • Choose whether the message to be conveyed is a learning goal
  • Ascertain whether the media is designed for learning purposes
  • Ascertain whether in an effort to encourage learning activities an effective, psychomotor or cognitive strategy will be used.
  • Determine the appropriate media from the group that is suitable for the strategy to be chosen by considering various provisions
  • Reviewing both the strengths and weaknesses of the media chosen, if necessary provide back alternatives
  • Planning in the development and production of these media.