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Benefits of Learning Resources

Before a teacher utilizes learning resources widely, the teacher must understand several criteria in choosing learning resources. General criteria for selecting learning resources are:
Benefits of Learning Resources

a. Economical, has a cheap meaning, that is, the costs incurred are only small.
b. Practical and Simple, meaning that there is no need for difficult or complicated services or procurement.
c. Easy to obtain, meaning that learning resources are close, available everywhere.
d. Be flexible, meaning that it can be used for various learning purposes.
e. The components used are in accordance with the objectives and do not impede learning.

In addition there are several criteria for choosing learning resources based on objectives. Among others :
a. Learning resources as motivation for students with low learning enthusiasm.
b. Learning resources as learning, that is to support the learning process.
c. Learning resources as research, is a form that can be observed, analyzed and so on.
d. Learning resources to solve problems.
e. Learning resources for presentations, for example the use of tools, approaches and methods, and strategies in learning.

Learning resources are components in the learning process that has enormous benefits, among the benefits of learning resources are as follows:
1) Provide experience for students directly or indirectly.
2) Provide the most up-to-date and reliable information, so students do not lag behind the information in the surrounding environment.
3) Can stimulate students' way of thinking to be more critical in responding to problems, being assertive and developing more.
4) Help students to understand the material that has been delivered.
5) Identifying available resources and can be used as learning media.

Learning resources have a function to facilitate the achievement of teaching objectives. This is based on the belief that the learning process with the help of learning resources will enhance the learning activities of students which will produce a better learning process and results than without using learning resources.

Learning resources are expected to provide information in order to improve the quality of teaching. If the quality of learning achieved is good, the learning outcomes obtained will also be good.