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How Deep Is the Meaning of Love

It is not easy to define, but it is easy to do for anyone who can understand it sincerely. Love, feelings of love and affection, worry, longing, which suffers the heart, or the feeling of wanting to have and be owned. Maybe that's the short definition.
How Deep Is the Meaning of Love

In terms, love has meaning as a feeling experienced by humans so as to cause feelings of love for those who feel it. Love in the view of Islam itself is a burst of beautiful feelings after having faith in Allah SWT. Some scholars also say that love is an embodiment of Allah's abundant affection for all His creatures, as evidenced by how perfect God created the world and its contents.

Love has broad meaning and deep understanding for someone who uses his mind. Love is not only for the opposite sex, but love can be given to all who are around us. Not only expressed with a symbolic statement wrapped in sweet words, happy then cry or make someone lose their sweetest place.

If it is felt deeper, love itself does not require people who love or loved to sacrifice, but enjoy all the circumstances. Although bitter sweet and make up for sacrifice even though not only with life, wealth, or throne.

Love is often misinterpreted. Many people think of love like a closeout clothes that can be bought cheaply. Is that love that is said to be pure but in fact full of thorns. No, of course not. Then how can love that we can without making us destitute of dignity and worth?

There is a sentence that was revealed among students "Minjem mate really proud" a reminder that reminds anyone about connecting without halal ties, because many children today are more proud of their lovers than their Prophet.

No need to worry to get love, because the best director has arranged everything without any doubt in it with portions according to the ability of his creatures. True love is love that is obtained and given in the best way to all who are around us every day. For example, love for parents, friends, plants and animals. Especially for those who are still students, it is worth fighting for love for science and knowledge, not fighting for longing that ends in disappointment.

The love of fellow human beings is a natural tendency to occur and that love can be realized by mutual help and friendship. So, it is not only manifested by things that damage morals or self-esteem. For now it is not necessary to show love to the opposite sex, because we will not necessarily be with him later. If you have a taste then just pray for him in silence. Just wait when it's time we become a play in the drama of living with a director whose affection never dims. Because true love is itself for a while in the process of improving itself.

That's why maintaining love is a wise action. Especially for women. Women who pray so jaran once contested. Because he only deserves to be fought for. Suffice it to this point, our crime will exchange love for the Unbeatable for something that often doubts our love. Being a respected woman is better than being very desirable. Be a woman who is hard to come by but makes the owner feel lucky when he has. Amilya Nurul Erindha