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How to Become a Host using Zoom Meeting

How to Become a Host using Zoom Meeting, now the use of the Zoom Cloud Meeting application has been widely used in various activities both seminar meetings or in learning, Zoom can be used both on a PC or on Android. But one of the problems that are often encountered today is how to become a host at the zoom meeting. The host at Zoom meeting is the first person to hold a video conference that will be tasked with inviting or including seminar or other meeting participants so they can take part in online meetings. For Linux and Mac users, the way to turn participants into a Zoom host is the same. Only the terms are different.
How to Become a Host using Zoom Meeting

The Way to Make Participants Become a Zoom Meeting Host
Often we experience when attending seminars or meetings, that we are already tired or there are other interests, then of course we must appoint or assign a host to other participants. Here's how to make other participants at the zoom meeting host.
1. Open the Zoom Application.
2. Click Participants or participants.
3. Choose one of the names of meeting participants who will serve as the host of the zoom meeting.
4. Tap Make Host.
5. Click Yes to confirm that the participant has been hosted at the zoom meeting that will replace you as the host. Pay attention to the following picture

That's the solution if for the ladies and gentlemen of the task of being a host if for example you have to leave a meeting in Zoom then you can choose one of the participants to replace your role as the host.

The way to become a Zoom Meeting Host
So that you can be a zoom meeting host, you have to prepare many things, for example when the meeting will be held. Continue how long this online meeting will last because of Zoom.

The Way to Become a Host in the Zoom Application
If you have prepared all that, then you can follow the steps below on how to become a zoom meeting host.
1. Open your Zoom application using each account.
2. After the zoom application is open, click New Meeting> Start a Meeting.
3. Then you automatically become a zoom meeting host.
4. The next step you invite your meeting participants by clicking Participants> Invite. Or by inviting participants to the zoom meeting via message, gmail, invite zoom contacts, and Copy URL. But the younger one is done by copying the URL only. Then share it with the WA group or telegram or anywhere where students or others gather so you can join the meeting directly to your video conference.

That's how to become a zoom cloud meeting host. Very easy and fast. And you can also easily make your meeting schedule on the day and date when you want to hold the event or confrence. Thus hopefully useful see you in the next article.