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Maintaining Koi Fish

This one fish, including ornamental fish. However, this fish is famous for its exorbitant prices. Fish that are often referred to come from Japan, including the carp family (Cyprinus carpio). Yes, this fish is koi. In Japanese, koi means carp, embroidered with gold or silver. In Japan itself, this fish is a symbol of love and friendship. Included in the Kingdom of "animalia", phylum "Chordata", Class "Actinopterygii", Order "Cypriniformes", Family "Cyprinidae", Genus "Cyprinus", Species "C. carpio ", and has the name Cyprinus carpio. (" Koi "2020)
Maintaining Koi Fish

The types of koi fish are distinguished by their color, size and pattern. This also affects the selling price of koi fish themselves. As for the types of koi fish, among others: 1. Kohaku koi, this fish has a white base and a red pattern on it. 2. Koi Sanke taisho, this fish has a purih base which is then combined with red and black which are often found on its back. 3. Koi Showa Sanshoku, this fish has a white base with a dominant black pattern and a hint of red color. This type of koi fish is the result of a cross between the Kohaku and Shiro Utsuri species. 4. Koi Shiro Bekko, koi fish including white koi fish, this fish has a white base and black pattern, so it is often called black and white koi. And there are many other types of koi that result from crossing between species ("13 Good and Expensive Koi Fishes" n.d.)

The process of raising koi is also a difficult thing, especially for beginners who maintain koi fish, if not properly it is likely to die altogether. The first thing to do when you want to maintain koi fish is, the availability of a large enough pool to facilitate the movement of fish. Then, make sure the water used is clear water and has a low acidity level, because if the water content is acidic it will cause a lack of comfort for the fish. If the water available is high in acid levels, it can be given a special salt for koi which has the function of reducing acid levels while clarifying water and preventing parasites from attaching to the body of the fish and the fish will die. Then what needs to be prepared is also a water pump to provide oxygen in the pond, a filter is also needed so that the water in the pond can change at any time. More importantly, koi fish cannot survive in very cold and very hot water.

 First of all that must be done by a beginner to maintain koi fish, to find out whether the fish pond to be used is safe or not, that is, the pond is filled with water first then soaked for 2 weeks to remove harmful substances derived from materials used for make ponds, because most koi ponds are made of cement. In the second experiment, the pond is filled with only one small fish 1-3 days, then if the result is the fish survive, the fish pond is safe to use.

The things that must be done when already maintaining koi fish, namely, ensuring fish in a healthy state without any parasites attached, if the parasites are already attached to the body of the fish, then immediately given a special drug for antifungal so that parasites disappear and koi fish can survive. Then you must also consider the cleanliness of the pond, pond filters, oxygen in water. To clean a koi pond is not like cleaning an ordinary fish pond where the water in the pond is drained and then the fish are broken down in new water, because koi fish will die if immediately given new water. So when draining the koi fish pond, that is, separating about dalam of water in the pond, which is then immediately given fresh water or the water in the pond can also be drained but also at the same time with running water put in the pond. The most important thing is in providing fish food, providing koi fish feed is very regular. It should not be too much nor should it be too little, because if it is too much then the manure of koi is very much and makes the pool water become acidic then the fish will die. If the fish feed is too little, the fish will starve and die. To feed koi fish 2 times a day, in the morning and evening. The amount depends on the amount of fish and the amount of fish. The temperature needed in the pool around 24-26 degrees Celsius.

Various benefits that we can feel when maintaining koi fish are: 1. Reducing Stress, the gurgling of water generated from fish filters and the beautiful movements when swimming and the pleasant pattern when viewed can reduce stress. 2. Treating Alzheimer's Disease, a very agile fish fish can make people who see it think to continue to follow every movement made by fish. Unwittingly this can improve memory and can help improve psychological and patient behavior.3. Adding Home Aesthetic Value, koi fish have a very pleasing color and agile movements. But its beauty is very complete if the layout of the pool is very appropriate. 4. Bringing Luck, according tomitos, many say that koi fish bring good luck. In the eyes of a businessman, there are a lot of advantages, because if the koi fish cultivation is conducted until the sale and purchase transaction will bring benefits in terms of matei which is very abundant. (Dyah Mulyaningtyas n.d.) by Umrotul Khoiroh Ummah