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Joy of Literacy in the Middle of the Pandemic

It is one of the efforts to increase self-development and insight. This culture of titeration can be applied whenever and wherever. This also includes activities during the Covid-19 pandemic not yet over. Of course the existence of interesting activities such as reading and writing will make our days more productive.
Joy of Literacy in the Middle of the Pandemic

However, not all individuals like literacy. Moreover, the younger generation in the digital age is more addicted to online games. However, that does not mean discouraging enthusiasm. Many ways can be done to address the fading interest in reading and writing among young people.

First, the gadget can be converted. From what was originally only used to play online games or just chat on social media, it has now become one of the gateways of the literacy itself. For example, online game addicts can write tips and tricks on how they can make money only from the game. This will be far more useful than just playing games. Besides being able to make money from games, these online game addicts can also send their writings to other newspaper or web media. It is like once rowing two or three islands exceeded.

Second, the emergence of an interest in titration can be supported by the right environment and with whom they associate. This could be because in adolescence they tend to look for their identity. Some even call it the "Imitation" phase or imitate the environment and the people around it. So, here the role of friends, teachers and parents is needed to instill a positive culture.

Third, in the cultivation of literacy culture, must be balanced with patience. Every process will require time. They will learn slowly to make literacy a habit. For that, it will not be enough if it is not balanced with patience. Because, to make something habit it is very necessary patience and consistency which is quite high.

Fourth, during this pandemic musism we can apply the term target chasing system. This can change the mindset of the younger generation which was originally "later" to "if it can now, why should it be postponed?". So, self-habituation can be set up through this. So that the younger generation will be more disciplined and productive at work.

Apart from these methods, being fond of titating in the middle of a pandemic can still be done with a lot of effort. Just how do we manage time and have strong enough intentions. So, during filling the days at home will be more productive than usual days.

Besides that, we will also benefit greatly from fonding iteration. For example, we can capture moments in a paper. Of course this will be every man's dream. Because time has no second chance to be repeated. So, cherish every second of life by filling it up with positive things that will make your mindset and yourself be more than above the previous day.