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Social Media, Teenagers, Ego and Indifferent

The rapid development of internet technology seems to eliminate the distance of space and time, we can connect with the world community wherever and whenever to find and share information and ideas. With so many social networks, we will be able to quickly and easily form networks and contacts. Besides that social media certainly has many new impacts on the development of life, especially children and adolescents. The users of this social network are mostly from children and adolescents who still need supervision from parents in the use of social networks because in addition to social media there is a positive impact and advantages in the development of science and technology, for example, it makes it easier in terms of communication or finding information through the internet, develop relationships, add friends and others.
Social Media, Teenagers, Ego and Indifferent

But on the other hand social media also has a negative impact on children and adolescents such as the change in attitude shown after they are addicted to social networks including being lazy because they are too preoccupied with social networking, being indifferent to fellow friends or the surrounding environment, they also forget their obligations as students. In addition they will behave selfishly, not caring about the situation because of the time they have spent on the internet.

Therefore, supervision and assistance from parents when they use social media is very important so that they can use and use social media wisely and responsibly. Talking about social media, its influence on the formation of ignorance and ego attitudes and behavior among children and adolescents is inseparable from other factors that can make measurements into the ego of every human being different, among others:

First, the environmental factors. Someone's selfishness can be seen from the surrounding environment, usually it will be difficult to control if the environment is not supportive.

The second, habitual factors that have become accustomed. This factor is still related to environmental factors, this factor is caused by the indulgence that parents are accustomed to their children so that makes it feel anything can be obtained. The big impact of forming a child's soul and self becomes bad on attitude.

Third, heredity from parents. This factor exists because the ego is a trait that can be "passed down" to his offspring.

Fourth, technological development factors especially the internet have a very significant impact on the attitudes and behavior of children and adolescents. The existence of social media can not be denied anymore, the more mushrooming in society has both positive and negative impacts. Many cases are caused by social media, which makes parents extra hard to fortify their children from misleading information from the social media. The steps to prevent negative impacts from social media are always closer to Allah SWT. Limit accessing social networks by looking for positive busyness, and more often socializing in real life.