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Studying at Home Is Fun

The spread of the corona virus is increasingly widespread. One of the steps taken by the government to prevent transmission of the virus is by holding learning activities from home. learning activities that are usually done at school are now replaced by learning via android such as whatsap group, google classroom, or other applications.
Studying at Home Is Fun

Initially this online learning system had several obstacles such as not all regions of Indonesia had a good signal to access the internet. In the village there are still many parents who are technologically illiterate so that they experience confusion to accompany their children, especially those of primary school age to learn this online system. In addition, not all students have Android phones, especially students from the economic class. Finally the Ministry of Education and Culture provided a solution by bringing up learning programs from home through TVRI.

Learning by watching TV is very fun. Children do not listen and see the teacher delivering boring material, but they learn through animated cartoons that are shown. It feels like they are watching a cartoon movie but in the cartoon film there are subject matter such as civic education, mathematics, and others. Not just monotonous, after the cartoon show is finished the children are given questions to make them understand more about the material that has been delivered.

Besides fun for children. Learning through TVRI makes parents also play a role in the learning process of children. Parents accompany their children when watching these learning shows and feel a school teacher for their children. This makes the closeness between the child and his parents increasingly.

Learning by watching cartoons is very good. Children are taught to be more creative in thinking. They are also required to think more critically by working on HOT (Higher Order Thinking Skill) problems. This is very good for the development of children's intelligence.

In this learning program there is also a teacher who explains with learning material in a creative way so that it makes it easier for children to understand the material. The teacher also wore traditional clothes from tribes in Indonesia. The goal is for children to become more familiar with the customs and culture of the tribes in Indonesia.

Learning at home is fun, besides helping to prevent the spread of corona, it also makes children more creative and closer to their parents. Although for the time being children cannot meet with friends and teachers at school it should not be a problem. Because this is an effort so that the corona spreader stops immediately and all activities can run normally again. Ineatur Rofi’ah