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Low Interest in Reading in Children

In the era of globalization as it is today, a lot of the impact produced especially in the midst of this corona pendemi. Moreover, what is rife in human life is the lack of knowledge in filtering out existing information. We must have enough knowledge to overcome this, because we are the young generation of Indonesia. An easy way to overcome it is by reading a lot. Reading is an activity that has gone downhill for the people of Indonesia.
Low Interest in Reading in Children

By reading the ability of reason and human thinking will increasingly develop, knowledge will also increase and can improve the quality of human resources, especially in this era. Information that we have never known before can be obtained if we read a lot. If someone reads a lot of books, over time he will be pleased with all the books read and this is where the interest in reading begins to grow. But in fact, at this time interest in reading in Indonesian society is so low, especially in children.

There are really many factors that cause the lack of interest and motivation to read for children. The first is the family environment, if the family environment has never familiarized reading culture, how can families instill a culture of reading in children. The second is the lack of motivation, there are still many people who think reading is not too important so they lack the awareness and motivation to be diligent in reading.

In addition, the development of information and communication technology contributes to the cause of low interest in reading. With the development of technology, children prefer to play games instead of reading. It's sad to see that, children as a determinant of the future of the nation who should have a high interest in reading prefer to play their gadgets that provide a moment of pleasure rather than books that provide benefits forever.

So it can be concluded that the reading activity is very important for anyone, not seeing that the person is an adult or still a child. Because there are so many benefits that we can get from this activity. Therefore, let us make it a habit of reading culture as early as possible in order to become a qualified young generation for the nation and country. Furqan Najib.