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Privileges Benefits of Bathing Before Fajr

Bathing a work that must be done every morning, in the day can be 3 to 2 times to take a shower to clean the body of impurities and refresh the body. The water that was allowed to stand overnight was very refreshing for the body. Just as drinking water that is left in the cane in one night must be very fresh in the throat, so also the water in the bathroom which is left overnight, tastes fresh on the skin.
Privileges Benefits of Bathing Before Fajr

But there are also people who are still lazy to take a shower one of them on school holidays. Those who are supposed to take a bath in the morning are neglected, so the morning shower is done at 10. Though the efficacy of bathing before Fajr, this is very good for health. I myself have also gotten a sample from my research through my family, even though I am old, my grandfather is still young and has never been ill except for colds or coughs, and even then rarely gets caught during unstable season changes, this is also not prolonged when healing, only briefly then healed. His memory is still strong.

As youth of the age, we must be smart to take care of our bodies naturally. One of them is in a more herbal way, such as by taking a shower in the morning before the body. So that the body remains healthy is not easily affected by disease. If maintaining a healthy body with other ingredients such as taking capsules from doctors, or through injections and so on, there must be something wrong with that, there are side effects from the ingredients of medicines that are consumed continuously from these items. So do not be too addicted or dependent on drugs that are not herbal, except only done during emergencies.

Extraordinary properties contained in the morning bath before the body for health, among others, the first to increase the number of white blood cells, so that the number of white blood cells in the body are below normal levels. British researchers in the past year also said a faster way of healing by taking a shower before the body to increase white blood cells than taking medication. The second prevents high blood pressure, by taking a shower before cold water body can make it easy for organs to receive nutritional supplies as needed.

Third, treat people who have high sugar levels or he is bored. Fourth, eliminating depression or thinking a lot of thoughts. Fifth, an easy way to lose weight. Sixth, taking a shower before the body is likened can build a machine that does not turn on because it can raise body temperature to achieve fidelity. Seventh, can increase human reproductive hormones both men and women. Eighth, can nourish the hair, cold water contained in the bath before the body can strengthen the hair to make it stronger, it looks good to be seen avoiding dullness and hair loss. Ninth, the most favored by many people is that it can make people durable easily not get old quickly, the results are satisfying can make skin fresh, look bright, smooth, healthy, remove dark circles under the eyes, making the skin moist and supple.

After we see the results of so many benefits from bathing before the body, which many people underestimate. We can realize that health is expensive and how to cure it is very easy to do, and do not be too dependent on chemicals.