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Pray Hard, Dream High

Before discussing about Pray Hard, Dream High. We must know the meaning of the sentence and the purpose of the sentence. Pray Hard is like praying earnestly, and Dream High is dreaming high. The purpose of these two sentences is that we do not dream in half-dreams but dream as high as possible and must also believe that we can realize the dream in any way as long as it is lawful and good. And in dreaming we should not be able to think as we can or not achieve that dream, the important thing is to believe that we can realize because we have an all-powerful God as long as we also have the will to try to realize the dream.
Pray Hard, Dream High

It's not enough to just hang a dream with effort, but we also have to pray a lot. Because many people forget to pray, like underestimating the power of prayer. However, praying is very important in realizing a dream. It is not enough for us to depend on the world, but we also have to depend on the owner of the world, the God of the universe.

In trying to realize a dream, of course there are many obstacles that we face such as being underestimated by people, and a lot of things that hinder and make us distrust our own dreams. However, we must make a diatribe as our strength in realizing dreams, we must be more enthusiastic and can prove to them that we can. And of course, in high aspirations, of course we often wonder that if I can realize my high ideals? .

From the often we ask ourselves like that, the less likely that our dreams can be. Because we ourselves don't believe in ourselves. The trick is to pray a lot, hope and ask God for guidance.
We also do not know in the future what we are like and what it is, so from now on we have to think, dream, pray, and try for the future. And it is also impossible if we only dream but must be accompanied by effort.

We also believe that we are winners as long as we continue to believe, do not despair, remain hopeful, and continue to strive. The key to everything is to believe in yourself and be sure of who created us, God. And it's also important for us to keep our word spoken, because speech can also contain prayer. So say the good ones. Because our response to words that contain dreams is very influential on whether or not the dream.

For example, we dream of wanting to become an entrepreneur, from that dream, we think that it can be or not, I am an entrepreneur now, I don't have the capital, I don't know what it takes to become an entrepreneur. From our dream, it would be nice for us to make a prayer and change the sentences to be sure that it can be accompanied by as much effort and prayer as possible. We must make prayer a necessity and must be done. The more we believe in ourselves and believe in the power of prayer, the greater our dreams can come true. Make a point of weakness in us to be made a good prayer.
It can happen if we believe 100% in Allah and in our selves. And always confident that we can. Believe in your dreams and your dreams will believe in you.