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Learning Media Function

Learning media is an important part of the learning system. The use of media in the teaching process is essentially aimed at increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching.
Learning Media Function

With the help of the media, students are expected to use as many of their senses as possible to observe, hear, feel, absorb, appreciate and ultimately have some knowledge, attitudes and skills as a result of good learning.

Technically, the learning media functions as a learning resource. In the sentence "learning resources" this implies the meaning of activeness, namely as a distributor, transmitter, liaison and others. Mudhoffir in his book entitled Principles for Management of Learning Resource Centers (1992: 1-2) states that learning resources are essentially components of instructional systems that include messages, people, materials, tools, techniques and the environment, which can affect the results student learning.

Thus the source of learning can be understood as all kinds of sources that exist outside oneself (learners) and allow (facilitate) the learning process. The function of learning media is divided into several types, namely:
  1. The function of the learning media as a source of learning, in some ways the learning media functions as a source of learning.
  2. Semantic functions, namely the ability of the media to increase vocabulary (verbal symbols) whose meanings or intentions are truly understood by students (not verblistic)
  3. Manipulative function, this function is based on the characteristics (characteristics) it has. Based on the general characteristics of the manipulative function of the media has two capabilities, namely overcoming the boundaries of space and time and overcoming senses.
  4. First, the ability of learning media in overcoming space and time. Second, the simplicity of learning media in overcoming the limitations of human senses.
  5. Psychological function :

  • Attention function is a learning media that can increase student attention to the material
  • Affective functions are functions that arouse feelings, emotions, and the level of acceptance or rejection of students towards something
  • Cognitive function is a learning medium that obtains and uses forms of representation that represent the objects encountered, whether the object is a person, object, or event / event.
  • Imagintive function is a learning medium that can enhance and develop students' imagination.
  • The function of motivation is the art that encourages students to be encouraged to carry out learning activities so that learning objectives are achieved. Thus motivation is an effort from outside parties in this case is the teacher to encourage, activate and move students consciously to be actively involved in the learning process.

5. Socio-cultural functions, namely overcoming socio-cultural barriers between learning communication participants. This problem can be overcome by learning media, because learning media has the ability to provide the same stimuli, equalize experiences, and give rise to the same perceptions.