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Understanding Learning Media

The word media comes from the Latin language and is a plural form of the word medium which can literally be interpreted as 'intermediary'. According to Heinich, Molenda, and Russel (1990) Media is a channel of communication. Derived from the Latin word for "between", the term refers "to anything that carries information between a source and a receiver.
Understanding Learning Media

Lesle J. Briggs (1979) states that learning media as "the physical means of conveying instructional content books, films, videotapes, ect. Briggs further stated that the media is "a tool to stimulate learners to make the learning process happen. Meanwhile, regarding the effectiveness of the media, Brown (1970) underlines that the media used by teachers or students can well affect the effectiveness of teaching and learning programs.

Media is a tool that has the function of conveying a message (Bovee, 1997). Learning media is a tool that functions and can be used to convey learning messages. Learning is the process of communication between learners, instructors, and teaching materials. So it can be said that, this form of communication will not work without the help of means to convey messages.

The forms of stimulus can be used as media, including human relationships or interactions, reality, moving or not images, recorded text and sound. With these five forms of stimulus, it will help students learn the subject matter. Or it can be concluded that forms of stimulus that can be used as media are sound, see, and movement.