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The advantages of learning media

Learning media is very useful for educators because it makes it easy for educators to convey information to their students. Here are some of the advantages of some grouping of learning media.
The advantages of learning media

a. The advantages of graphic media
1. Making it easy with a fairly affordable price.
2. We as educators are able to add new colors according to our creativity and innovation to decorate the media.

b. The advantages of printed media
1. The material contained in it is easily understood by the students, because it suits their needs.
2. Being able to present information to students in large numbers.

c. Advantages of still image media
1. In media images more concrete compared to graphic media.
2. In making media is easy.

d. The advantages of OHP media
1. OHT programs can be used repeatedly
2. Attractive, because it allows the presentation of a variety and accompanied by attractive colors.

e. The advantages of radio media
1. Has quite a lot of program variations.
2. It's mobile, because it's easy to move places and waves.
3. The price is quite affordable

f. The advantages of magnetic tape recording media
1. We can delete the record and we can use it again
2. Very effective for language learning.
3. Easy in doubling the program.

g. The advantages of film media
1. It is not easy to make students bored
2. Adding the imagination of students.

Lack of learning media
in the learning process a lot of uses but behind it all, the learning medi also has shortcomings. Here are some of the shortcomings that are owned by some groupings of learning media.
a. Weaknesses of graphic media
1. Submission of material or information can only be done visually only.
2. In the process of making these media requires special skills.

b. Weaknesses of printed media
1. In the process of making the media requires quite a long time.
2. The material used to manufacture the media is easily damaged.

c. Weaknesses of still images media
1. If we make an improper comparison of an object then it can lead to misunderstanding.
2. Requires a large enough cost; in purchasing a camera.

d. OHT media weaknesses
1. Requires careful planning in making and serving
2. OHT and OHP are inseparable sequences

e. Weaknesses of radio media
1. Can only communicate in one direction only.
2. When the speaker is monotonous, it can make the listener easily bored, making the listener reluctant to accept the information to be conveyed.
3. In the broadcast program if left behind then we cannot repeat to listen to it.

f. Weaknesses media magnetic tape device
1. The power of the recorder is limited by distance.
2. The cost of doubling the device is relatively more expensive compared to radi

g. Weaknesses of film media
1. Able to be misused by students.
2. If done continuously it can make students quickly become bored.