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Selection Criteria for Learning Media

The success of learning is largely determined by two main components, namely the teaching method and learning media. The selection and use of one particular teaching method has consequences for the use of appropriate types of learning media. The function of the media in the learning process is to increase the stimulation of students in learning activities.
Selection Criteria for Learning Media

Media in the learning process is defined as a form of physical communication equipment in the form of hardware and software which means a small part of learning technology that must be created or developed, used, and managed for learning needs in achieving the effectiveness and efficiency of the learning process (Arsyad, 2014, pp. 7- 8).

In choosing learning media, it should not be arbitrary, but based on certain criteria. Errors in choosing the type of media and the selection of topics provided will have undesirable consequences later on. In general, the criteria that must be considered in choosing learning media are as follows:

The intended use
In this case contains the standards of competence and basic competencies what is to be achieved. Included in the realm of cognitive, affective, psychomotor, or a combination. What kind of sensory stimulation is emphasized. And also the types of media used.

• Target media users
In this case the teacher must know the target of students who will use the media, their characteristics, how much, how social background, how motivation and interest in learning.

• Media characteristics
In this case the teacher must know the strengths and weaknesses of the characteristics of the media. Adjust the selected media based on the objectives to be achieved. We will not be able to choose the media well if we do not know well the characteristics of each media. So, before determining the type of media, the teacher must understand very well how the characteristics of the media.

• time
Time in this case is how long it will take to create or create selected media. There is no point in choosing good media but there is not enough time to create or create one. And do not let the media that has been made by consuming a lot of time but when used in learning turns out to be short of time.

The use of media is basically intended to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of learning. What does it mean if using the media actually results in waste. Therefore the cost factor needs to be considered. Expensive media is also not necessarily more effective in achieving learning objectives than simple and inexpensive media.

• Availability
The required media is available around both in schools and in the market. If you want to make it yourself there must be the ability, time, energy, and means to make it. And the availability of facilities needed to present it in class. The environment can also be used as a learning resource. Students do not need to go far with expensive costs, the environment adjacent to the school can be optimized as a source of learning that is very valuable for the interests of students.

The factors that influence the selection of learning resources determined by Romiszowski, namely:
1. The learning method used
2. Learning objectives to be achieved
3. Learning characteristics
4. Practical aspects in terms of cost and time
5. Factors related to their use