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Definition and Benefits of Semantics

Language is a communication tool for humans, without language, humans cannot communicate, both oral and written communication. Related to the existence of language, language is a series of words or sentences that form a meaning which is then captured by the senses, to be processed and digested in the brain, then produces a meaning that is used as a communication bridge.
Definition and Benefits of Semantics

In everyday life, we often hear and use the word meaning or what is often referred to as word meaning to refer to meanings, concepts, ideas, ideas and intentions that are manifested in the form of utterances, symbols or signs. The meaning of speech actually has the same meaning as the meaning in the symbol system or other sign systems, because the real language is a symbol system. The difference is that the meaning in language is manifested in symbols in the form of language units, namely words / lexemes, sentences, phrases, and so on.

In this material we will discuss semantic definitions, semantic benefits, classification of language meanings (lexical, grammatical, denotative, connotative, idiom, and proverbs), examples of language meanings (lexical, grammatical, denotative, connotative, idiom, and proverbs), classification linkage of meaning (synonym, antonym, homonym, polysemy, hyponym, ambiguity, redunation), examples of linkage of meaning (synonym, antonym, homonym, polysemic, hyponym, ambiguity, redunation), classification of changes in meaning (expanding, narrowing, increasing, decreasing, decreasing, understanding , exchange), examples of changes in meaning (expanding, narrowing, exalting, decreasing, understanding, exchanging).

Semantic Definition
Semantics is a term derived from French, "Semantique" or "ilm al-dilalah" in Arabic and "Semantics" in Indonesian. This word is absorbed from the Greek "Sema" which means a sign or symbol and "Semaino" which means to mark or symbolize. Sematics is a study of meaning. Semantics learns about the relationship between linguistic signs and also what they mark. Semantics means studying a meaning that is contained in language, signs or symbols. More clearly, semantics study the types of meanings, the fields of meaning, changes in meaning, relations of meaning, and others.

Semantic Benefits
Following are the benefits of studying Semantics:
1. Can understand a meaning or meaning of a symbol.
2. Can improve someone's language skills.
3. Can facilitate reporters in processing words when providing information to the public.
4. Can facilitate the teacher when teaching students the meaning contained in a language.