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Definition of Supervision

Supervision is carried out in the form of guidance that is planned to help teachers and school staff to be able to carry out their work effectively. The main activities of educational supervision are fostering schools in general and fostering teachers to be more quality in learning.
Definition of Supervision

Supervision in early childhood education is an effort to provide assistance and guidance to teachers and principals in improving the quality of learning in early childhood education

Morphologically, Supervision comes from two English words, namely "super" and "vision". Super meaning above and vision meaning to see, in the sense of activities carried out by superiors of people who are positioned above, the leadership of the things that are underneath. Supervision is also an oversight activity but is more human in nature.

Supervision activities are not looking for mistakes, but contain more coaching elements, so that the working conditions that are being supervised can be known for the shortcomings to be told which parts need to be corrected. Sematically, Educational Supervision is guidance in the form of guidance or guidance towards improving the educational situation in general and improving the quality of teaching and learning and learning in particular.

Etymologically, supervision is taken in the English word "Supervision" meaning supervision in the field of education. Good Carter gives the meaning of supervision is the efforts of school officials in leading teachers and other officers, in improving teaching, including stimulating, selecting the growth of positions and teacher development and revising educational goals, teaching materials, and methods instructor and teaching evaluation.

Supervision has a very broad understanding. Supervision is all assistance from school leaders, aimed at the leadership development of teachers and other school personnel in achieving educational goals (Purwanto Ngalim, 2009).

Supervision in the form of encouragement, guidance and opportunities for the growth of skills and abilities of teachers such as guidance in business and implementation of innovations in education and teaching, selection of learning tools and methods of teaching better, ways of systematic assessment of the whole phase of the teaching process, and so on. in other words supervision is a coaching activity planned to help teachers and other school staff carry out their work effectively.